Birthday Pack

Birthday Pack


Celebrate your Equine's Birthday with our Birthday Collection!

Gift Wrapped pack includes...


- 1x Birthday Cupcake Cookie
- 1x Happy Birthday Cookie

- 20x Birthday themed Sugar Cubes


PLEASE NOTE:     Birthday Packs are made to order, Please order your pack two weeks before your Equines Birthday to allow for production and shipping time

  • Not crafted for human consumption.

    While we take all possible care when crafting the treats. We have a sound knowledge of both NZ Racing and ESNZ clean sport swabbing procedures and the prohibited substances list. However, because all our products are made by humans and not machines, we cannot guarantee that they are completely free from minute traces of everyday substances such as caffeine. please keep this in mind if you intend to feed this product to a horse competing in registered competitions or racing. Please check any clean sport rules that are applicable to your equine. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Feed all treats only in moderation

  • Sugar Cubes:
    Sugar, water, colour gel

    Cupcake Cookie:
    Flour, Molasses, Oats, Water, Powdered sugar, food colouring, sprinkles, eqq white

    Happy Birthday Cookie:
    Flour, Molasses, Water, Powdered sugar, food colouring, Icing**Sugar, Glucose, water, vegetable shortening, 422, 171, 415,471, 202