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Sponsored Rider Spotlight - Mollie & Darcy


Mollie and Darcy Robertson


Mollie 10 (next week) and Darcy 7

Where are you based?

Palmerston North

What Discipline do you do?

Everything we can!

Tell us about your horse/ponies

we have too many! Elfie is Darcy’s bestie, he’s an 11.2 typical Welshie with so much sas, attitude, and spice. He loves Darcy and only Darcy. Levi is Mollie’s Heart horse, he’s a 12.2 Palomino half Arab half welsh. He’s having a break at the moment and living his best life. Tanzi is our newest addition, she’s 13.1 ERP liver chestnut mare and she is SPICEY! But she’s a show hunter pro and is teaching Mollie everything about jumping and hopefully get Mollie into SH champs this year! And finally Sam, an absolutely stunning 13.2 dark bay ERP

who is an experienced showing pony and he’s teaching Mollie all about flatwork. He’s also Daddy’s favourite!

What is your greatest achievement?

For Darcy is was going off lead this season, and passing her D cert at PC. They have been amazing! Mollie would say her SH rounds on Tanzi, getting Reserve Champion Show pony on Sam, and doing a 2 hour trek on Levi bareback! Or maybe going hunting on him?!

Goals for next season?

Mollie wants to make the MPC SH Team, and pass her C Cert. Darcy wants to learn how to jump this season!!

If you could ride any horse (dead or alive) who would it be?*

Darcy - Popcorn, Rolo and Cloudy (Harlow’s ponies) and Mollie would say all her friends ponies!!

What are you doing when your not riding?

Darcy loves Star Stable (an online game) Mollie would say feeding, grooming, and caring for her ponies. Or reading! She’s currently reading 3 books 👌

If you could design any saddle pad to represent you as a person what would it look like (colour shape etc)

Darcy would love one that looks like wings, in purple and sparkly!! Mollie loves her jump ones, that have wool front and back. But as long as it has a matchy matchy outfit and boots etc then she would be happy!

If you had a theme song, What would it be?

Who runs the world? Girls!, That’s my girl, This girl is on fire.

Thanks for your time :) is there anything else you would like to say? if so leave it here 

Thank you for supporting the girls for so long! We love your treats but moreso we love everything you do for the area in supporting everything equestrian!

You can follow Mollie and Darcy on Instagram at @the_robertson_sisters_nz

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