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Sponsored Rider Spotlight - 3 Minutes with Brooke Burns

Brooke was our very first sponsored rider way back in 2018!! Brooke is a well established local rider and HPC coach known for her dull taste in saddle pads but cracking sense of humor.

We put a few questions to our sponsored riders and here are Brooke's answers!

Name : Brooke

Age : 23

Where are you based? Manawatu

What Discipline do you do? CTR and Endurance (and Showjumping)

Tell us about your horse/ponies

Timtam and Tommy - 15 y/o 15.2hh Standardbreds , Ponso 21 y/o 15hh Standardbred , Pumby Wumby 13 y/o Kaimanawa , Millicent 21 y/o Arab , Fifi 23 y/o Welsh X

What is your greatest achievement?

Competing Pony Grand Prix, representing Manawatu West Coast Pony Club at HOY 2018, Head Coach 24/25 season Waikanae Pony Club

Goals for next season?

Stepping up the distances in CTR with Timtam and Pumba, - jumping Tommy hopefully competitively

If you could ride any horse (dead or alive) who would it be?

Spring Brooke (duh)

What are you doing when your not riding?

Being a mum 🤣 milking cows, working part time for a funeral home (lol)

If you could design any saddle pad to represent you as a person what would it look like? (colour shape etc)

MILLENIAL MUTE. No further explanation required (in other words plain grey)

If you had a theme song, What would it be?

Fav song - White Horse Chris Stapleton , my life theme song (playing on repeat) probably the bananas in pajamas theme song 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ or circus music hahah

Thanks for your time :) is there anything else you would like to say?

I’m a bad b***h you can’t kill me

You can follow Brooke at @burnsequine on Instagram !

Brooke Burns and Spring Brooke

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Jun 13

I like my pink saddle pads Brooke! - jess😂

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