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Sponsored Rider Spotlight - 3 Minutes with Lucy!


Lucy Kenah



Where are you based?

Hawke's Bay

What Discipline do you do?

Mainly dressage

Tell us about your horse/ponies

I have 1 horse, Polly (Paolita) who I'm training level 4 dressage with, and jumping around the 85cm mark 😋

What is your greatest achievement?

Representing Hawke's Bay area at NZPCA dressage champs 🙂

Goals for next season?

Level 4 dressage

If you could ride any horse (dead or alive) who would it be?


What are you doing when you're not riding?

School work! Always school work, I am very passionate about my academics (She's not wrong! Lucy is the most studious person I've ever met!)

If you could design any saddle pad to represent you as a person what would it look like (colour shape etc)

Oooh tough one I have no idea!

If you had a theme song, What would it be?

2 days into college - Aimee Carty

Thanks for your time :) is there anything else you would like to say? if so leave it here 

😋 thank you for having us on the team, it's an honour!

You can follow Lucy on Instagram at @lucykenah.eq

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