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" Are you looking for Sponsors?" - Sponsorship stuff - Part 1

Are you looking for sponsors? You should sponsor me!

I'm looking for a sponsor are you interested?      

We will get to those in a second,

A few NZ businesses have written some brilliant blog articles about sponsorships ( I will link them below) but I decided to jump on the bandwagon and write something relevant to the age of (most) of our followers/customers.


It will be written in their language, but written by a mostly fossilized millennial so bear with me. This may sound salty af but, it's not meant to be. It's something that's been on my mind (and in my inbox) constantly for years.

Firstly, if you know me and follow our TikTok, you know that the statements above give me the absolute ick. I feel the same way about the same old copy-and-paste messages saying things like “I'll share on my socials”, and “I love your business” (when they have never engaged with us on any level) ….. It says nothing about you except that you are looking for free stuff. It's cringe af! 

The rise of social media has also seen the rise of Kids starting small “businesses” (usually without adult supervision) No shade, I'm just trying to explain a point… 

Anyway, to kick off the social media following these “businesses” will usually host a sponsor or ambassador search. Without actually fully understanding what sponsorship is or how it works, it has created some kind of culture within the teen/tween equestrian social media space. Where everyone is wanting sponsorship so they can say sponsored by “insert name here” and also get free products to show off. The whole space has kind of turned into a weird clout chase phenomenon and I'm not here for it.


Traditionally, sponsorships were a way for professional, or amateur riders to cut their costs down a little by getting kickbacks from showing off, using, and promoting products that they already use and love daily. (read the last sentence again) It has always been a two-way transactional relationship. The business gives the rider benefits, the rider gives the business benefits. 

As social media evolved those riders built their professional social media presence and kind of became influencers in their own right.

While I'm here let me break this down for you all,

SPONSOR = The businesses. 

Sponsored rider/ ambassador = The rider.

But what is a Sponsored rider, Ambassador ? and how do I get one?

What's the difference?

What exactly are you looking for then?

How do I ask?

And Is Equine Eats n’ Treats looking?  

I will break all of that down in the next post in the meantime here are a few really important articles you should read! Written by NZ Equestrian Businesses

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