Equine Sweet

Equine Sugar Cubes

Lightly flavoured Sugar cubes in a variety of colours and shapes! 

Available Flavours

  • Monthly Limited Edition Flavour

  • Raspberry Hearts

  • Strawberry Stars

  • Blueberry Cubes

  • Lemonade Ducks

  • Lime Stars

  • Orange Flowers

  • Pineapples

  • Wildberry Unicorns

  • Candy Floss Unicorns

  • Vanilla Hearts

  • Peppermint Stars

  • Lucky Dips

  • Cinnamon* Hearts

  • Ginger* Gingerbread people

  • Turmeric* Circles

  • Molasses* Stars

Flavours marked with * are Flavoured with natural spices and contain no artificial colours


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